An Unexpected Visitor

Owl looks like Rodger


When I look at this funny looking little owl I can’t help but smile. It’s as if Rodger has come to pay me a visit. With his stern face, pants riding too high, and arms firmly planted at his sides the little bird looks just like him. And just as it was when Rodger was here, I wonder what thoughts he finds impossible to express.

I believe our loved ones who have passed stay near and sometimes send us a reminder they are watching over us. That may be the case here or it may be only my imagination. Either way it doesn’t matter. I see him today and I am smiling. He is free to soar.


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  1. teresahuyten
    Nov 17, 2014 @ 15:52:57

    Yesterday morning, my husband and I visited his father at his new location in an area rehabilitation center. It was morning and we walked in on a Camp Service. The guitarist sang, told a few jokes, and had a few words of encouragement for the residents attending, but the most memorable to me was his comparison that we all have to rise to a new day like the bird. The bird could be sick, hungry, weak, but they still have work to do and they begin with a song. Everyday we have a job to do and giving praise with a song reminds us of the birds, that they will not stop the song until their days are finished. We have a work to do as long as we are alive to greet a new day.



  2. Barbara
    Nov 18, 2014 @ 13:49:44

    Thank you for sharing your comparison of Rodger with the “funny looking owl”! It has been a little crazy the past few days because I have had a bad cold – or more likely a sinus infection. My husband is very hard of hearing and I have not been able to talk loud enough for him to hear me; that frustrates him and he begins yelling at me – and that in turns upsets and frustrates me; I need to write something about “What does the caregiver do when the caregiver is sick?”!!! Sorry to unload here! I had to pour out my woes to somebody!! And, for now, I happened to be reading your post and knew you would understand!! Thanks for “listening”!



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