Caregiver You Are Not Alone

For more than seven years, Bobbi Carducci was the caregiver for her father-in-law, Rodger. She soon realized how unprepared she was for the task. But she was passionate, and still is. Now recognized as a speaker on caregiving issues, Bobbi strives to improve the lives of caregivers and the loved ones in their care by sharing caregivers’ stories. It is estimated that one in three seniors will die with some form of dementia, and the numbers are expected to double in the next ten years. When family members are called upon to become caregivers, they often have only their good intentions to pilot them. Fatigue, grief, and anger soon overwhelm them. They feel alone. You Are Not Alone is an anthology of caregiver stories representing varying ages, genders, and family dynamics—all doing the hardest job they ever had to do. Each story is followed by an essay written by Bobbi, reflecting on personal experiences and her feelings while caring for her father-in-law, Rodger. A time when she felt very much alone.

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