Caregiver You Are Not Alone – Ellen’s Story

Get The Hell Off My Mountain

Caregivers find themselves on the receiving end of a great deal of advice. Far too often it comes from someone who is not now, and never has been, a caregiver for someone with a long-term, devastating, brain disease. They don’t live with the unpredictable changes in cognitive ability. They don’t see the aggression and downright spitefulness that some with dementia can manifest at any moment.

When they visit, the person in care is on their best behavior. It’s exhausting and short lived and will end as soon as the guests leave.

Knowing what we know, living with what he live, uninvited advice is not what we need. Help is what we require. Ellen’s story reminds people of this. I hope it inspires some to step up. If not, I encourage you to respond that the only right path at this time is yours and when their time comes to care for someone, they can choose their own way up the mountain.

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