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Respite Care – A Necessity for Caregivers

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I am always seeking information about respite care and I am pleased to have received permission to post a link to a piece originally posted on Respite Care: 8 Ways to Get a Break from Caregiving What they are and how to find them By Barbara Kate Repa, Senior Editor | Last updated: […]

How Many Hours a Week Do Caregivers Spend Providing Care?

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It’s probably a lot more than you think.

5 Practical Ways for Caregivers to Entertain Their Loves Ones

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The following is a guest post by Jessica Hegg. Jessica is the content manager at  Interested in all things related to a healthy lifestyle, she works to share valuable information that aims to improve the quality of life for others. Note from the Imperfect Caregiver: I never had a day as a caregiver that was boring […]

Caregivers and Substance Abuse


Being a caregiver is far from easy, especially when the caregiver is responsible for caring for a parent, spouse or family member who is dying from a debilitating illness. Caregivers are often forced to watch their loved ones slowly sink into a deteriorating state of health and to put their own well-being and needs on […]

What We Have is a Failure to Communicate

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You spend hours, days, weeks, months, years, becoming more and more isolated as caregiving takes over your life. Well intentioned friends and family who offered to help in the beginning drop out of your life as they tend to their own families and jobs.  When they do come to visit they see Mom or Dad […]

Five Practical Ways to Help Family With Mesothelioma

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A Guest Post by Dani Alexis Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that affects the “mesothelium,” a layer of tissue found inside the lungs and lining other organs and areas of the body. Unlike some types of cancer, mesothelioma nearly always has a definable cause, like exposure to asbestos, silica dust, or similar substances. Although […]

Caregiver Support Coming to Purcellville, VA

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I’ve been away from the blog far longer than I planned. However, being a caregiver and all that entails is never far from my heart and mind.  One of the most important and meaningful things I’ve been doing while away from the keyboard is training to be a Caregiver Support Group Facilitator through Here […]

Caregifted Offers Respite for Longtime Caregivers!

4 Comments Poet wins $500,000 grant, spends entire sum on vacations for caregivers of the severely disabled byJen Hayden Heather McHugh creates beauty beyond words. In 2009, Seattle poet Heather McHugh was awarded a MacArthur Foundation fellowship that came with a $500,000 prize. She had no idea what to do with the prize money: “Nobody deserves […]

Giveaway for Caregivers


Free to Followers of The Imperfect Caregiver (US Residents Only) Caregivers need all the support they can get. One way to increase awareness is to show the world how many of us there are, including caregivers, those who have been caregivers, and those who may become caregivers.  Our numbers grow every day and will continue to increase […]

#Dr. Phil – Change Will Happen

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Someone posted the picture above on Facebook and I had to copy it and share it with you. Each night before I go to sleep I end my prayers by saying, “Show me the path you want me to take.” The road I end up on is often a lot longer and more difficult to travel than […]

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